Global Data Synchronisation Network(GDSN)

GDSN (The Global Data Synchronisation Network) is a network of interoperable data pools and GS1 Global Registry that, communicate product master data (Catalogue Item and Party) between trading partners. In simple terms, GDS (Global Data Synchronisation) enables product information from one trading partner, such as a supplier, to be made available to any chosen trading partner, such as a retailer, using a standardised process. The information is defined using globally agreed standards which all parties can understand and utilize. For example, attributes such as product description, size, pack, name, manufacturer information and the quantity of items in a purchase order could be seamlessly synchronized through the network.

In 2004, GS1 China set up and optimized China's GDSN data pool - ANCCNET, and was granted the international certification in January 2008. Since then, ANCCNET has become the only authorized platform for the exchange and sharing of product information with the global market in China, and plays a pivotal role in promoting the in-depth application of China's product barcode data information and accelerating the development of e-Commerce standardization.

GS1 China is willing to cooperate with countries around the world to encourage the exchange and sharing of China's product information.



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