The uniform product coding identification is not only an ID card for the products; it also can promote the supply chain be visibility in each logistic point. It can provide the efficiency solutions for the issues for e-commerce enterprises.

In terms of the e-commerce enterprises, the uniform product coding identification which is GTIN can make conveniently for the cross-border e-commerce, involving online and offline trade. It can keep the trade consistency, and promote efficiency.

GTIN is a globe legal ID card for the each online product, customers can trust the quality of the products and track the source of the products. GTIN on the Web can advance the efficiency of SE (search engine). The enterprises also apply the EANCOM/GS1 XML standard to exchange the trusted source of data(TSD) according to the GS1 China‘s Product Catalogue (ANCC, the electronic catalogue that index product by GTIN).

In terms of the logistics of e-commerce, involving the products, package, warehouse, and orders can be applied GTIN, GLN, Case code to satisfy information interaction between online and offline on logistics and transportation aspect. It can promote the efficiency, to achieve management for automation and visibility.

In 2015, GS1 China devotes always to construct the trust & safe e-commerce platform. Alibaba,, Suning and other more than 40 Chinese e-commerce corporations committed to adopting GS1 standards, according to the ’E-commerce Joint Proposal on Barcode Application’ which is a statement co-signed by these Chinese companies in the 13th ECR China Conference 2015. Besides, GS1 China will corporate with Chinese e-commerce enterprises to promote TSD which can reveal the trusted product from the GS1 China's Product Catalogue. To achieve visibility information, share data, monitor and construct trusted e-commerce environment.


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