Commodity Barcode

What are Barcodes

All bar codes represent data in a machine readable form. The different widths of bars and spaces in a bar code symbol represent different numbers and letters which can be decoded or "scanned" by a bar code scanner. The scanned data is then sent to a computer system where it is recorded and processed.

The numbers of bar code are the keys to access databases and to identify unambiguously items handled, in all messages of a transaction. The numbers are represented in bar codes to allow automatic data capture at each point where an item leaves or enter premises. They are communicated from a supplier to a user once, before the first transaction either by using standard messages or by consultation of electronic catalogues.

Why use Barcodes

Barcode enable the rapid and un-ambiguous identification of products, assets, documents and people. Using bar code can greatly reduce human errors in data entry and processing, eliminate ambiguities caused by inconsistent approaches to product labeling and mistakes in reading handwriting.

How do I apply for an International Barcode

GS1 China is in charge of organizing, coordinating and administrating article numbering and Auto-ID work throughout China. When you need a barcode number in China, you must contact GS1 China or its branches. We will provide you with a GS1 Company Prefix and the specifications.


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